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liquor license services in Florida
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The Liquor License Guy offers turnaround consulting for your liquor license needs in Florida.

Our team of liquor license experts will help you sell, transfer, or buy a liquor license in Florida. We will walk you through the entire process, providing you with pieces of advice that will be most beneficial for every decision you will have to make. With our expertise and statewide network in this field, our consulting services can provide you with turnaround results.

With over 20 years experience in the bar and liquor industry, The Liquor License Guy brings you the following options for liquor licenses in Florida :

  • Selling your Florida liquor license
  • Finding a Florida liquor license
  • Brokering sales for a Florida liquor license
  • Consulting for your bar or liquor store

If you are unsure what kind of Florida Liquor License would best fit you there are multiple different kinds you can look into. There is a different kind of Florida Liquor License for every need. Find out all you need here.

From determining the license for your Florida liquor store or bar, to actually obtaining the license, The Liquor License Guy will guide you. Call us today for a free consultation.

liquor license services in Florida
Secure Collateral Loans

Liquor License Business Consulting Services

Business Plans:  Benefit from creative, forward thinking that will  strategically analyse and assess your plan’s profit-making ability, based on the unique features and facts about your site locations and  regulatory and zoning requirements.  Receive sound  advice on how to manage debt and control finances,based on your plan.

Regulatory Affairs:Get a simple explanation of how Florida’s business and alcohol laws, rules and regulations, and zoning restrictions and allowances will impact your purchase or sale of a Florida liquor license.


Get sound advice on loan providers and the best interest rates and terms available to obtain a Florida liquor license.

Expand or renovate an existing business, using your Florida liquor license as collateral.

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