How Much Does It Does Cost To Get A Liquor License In Florida?

All pubs and businesses that intend to sell alcohol in the state of Florida are required to get a license. However, determining the real cost of a liquor license in Florida can be tricky.

There are approximately 50 different types of licenses related to alcoholic beverages. The costs and requirements vary depending on the type of business applying for the license, the county the business is located in, and the type of alcohol being sold at the establishment.

So how much does it cost to get a liquor license in Florida? To help you out, here is a general overview of the types of licenses and the costs of liquor license in Florida effective October 2016:

Types of licenses for alcoholic beverages

If you wish to sell wine or beer, you can apply for a Consumption on Premises (COP) or a Package Sales license (APS). There are no limitations set on the number of licenses available per county or state.

On the other hand, licenses to sell liquor are limited per county. The number is dependent on the population within that county. Each time the population increases by 7,500, a new quota license is issued. There are only two ways of getting a liquor license. One is if you win the liquor license lottery. The other is by purchasing the quota liquor license from another establishment that has one.

Cost of licenses for beer, wine and liquor

  • 1APS refers to the Beer Package Sales license.
  • 1COP means Consume on Premises. The 1COP allows owners to sell beer.
  • 2COP is another Consume on Premises license. This allows bar or restaurant owners to sell both beer and wine on their establishments.
  • 2APS is a Beer and Wine Package Sales license.
  • 3PS is a license that allows drinking establishments to sell beer, wine and spirits.
  • 4COP is a Consume on Premises license that allows the owner to sell beer wine or spirits on their business grounds.


Special Licenses

A special license is issued to non-traditional drinking establishments that wish to sell alcoholic beverages on their premises. Examples include golf clubs, lodges, performing arts facilities and catering businesses among others. The fees are as follows:

  • Lodges and other similar clubs need to pay $400 to obtain a special license that allows them to sell wine, beer or liquor that can be consumed on premises.
  • For private golf clubs, the cost of a special license to sell beer, wine and liquor is $400.
  • The American Legion Club License costs $500.
  • Golf clubs that are open to the general public will need to pay between $624 to $1,820 to be allowed to sell beer, wine or liquor that can be consumed on their grounds.
  • Special club licenses cost $1,750.
  • Catering establishments that wish to sell beer, wine or liquor and allow patrons to consume the beverages on premises will need to pay $1,820.

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