Buying a Liquor License in Florida

Can You Finance a Liquor License in Florida?

Absolutely! The Liquor License Guys offer specialized financing services to help you buy or refinance a liquor license in Florida. Our loans are based on current liquor license values in your county, and we don’t consider your credit score, time in business, or business location when determining the loan amount, interest rate, or terms.

Why Finance a Liquor License?

Liquor licenses in Florida can be pricey. Even the more affordable licenses can cost over $1,000, and as your business grows, these costs can quickly add up. Financing a liquor license helps you manage these expenses more effectively, allowing you to focus on growing your business without being overwhelmed by upfront costs.

Choosing the Right Loan and License

The type of loan and liquor license you need depends on your business strategy. Start small and scale up as you see success, or if your business has significant potential now, consider investing in a more comprehensive license. For businesses like standalone liquor stores, a full liquor license is essential.

How Does Liquor License Financing Work?

When you take out a liquor license loan with us, it works similarly to any other loan. We help you set up a payment plan, determine the overall cost and interest rate, and guide you through the process. Our goal is to get you selling alcohol as soon as possible, making the financing process smooth and hassle-free. We work with each client to find the most beneficial loan option for their specific business needs.

Can I Refinance My Liquor License?

Yes, you can! If you’re halfway through paying off your liquor license and things aren’t working out, we can help. Whether you need to change your license status, sell your license, or refinance, The Liquor License Guys are here to assist. Refinancing might be the best option if your business has taken a temporary hit but you expect it to recover.

What to Consider When Refinancing

Refinancing can allow you to make smaller payments over a longer period, but it may impact your business credit score and lead to higher interest rates. If you’re struggling to pay your current fees, refinancing might be the better option to avoid late payments and additional financial stress.

What If There Are No Liquor Licenses Available?

In Florida, liquor licenses are limited by county. If there are no available licenses, you’ll need to wait for someone to let their license expire or sell it. The Liquor License Guys can help you navigate this process. Our brokers will assist in negotiations and legal processes to transfer the license to you. We stay informed about potential openings and can guide you to the best and fastest way to start selling alcohol.

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The Liquor License Guys are dedicated to helping growing and startup businesses in Florida obtain the necessary licenses to sell alcohol. We offer various loan options tailored to meet your business needs and goals.