Sell Your Florida Liquor License Loans

How to sell a liquor license in Florida

Looking to sell your Florida liquor license? This is a complex process that requires a professional, experienced broker like The Liquor License Guy.

If you own a business that deals with the sale and distribution of alcohol, a liquor license is a valuable and often necessary asset.  

Sometimes, business owners opt to sell their license when they’re no longer conducting business at their property. It’s also a savvy way to turn a valuable asset into making money back, which is especially important if you’re closing down a business.

If your establishment is going out of business, your license can be sold to a qualified buyer who will use the license in accordance with the class of license, type of license, and any restrictions. That’s where The Liquor License Guy can help!

Before a buyer can purchase your license, they have to apply through the state, similar to if they were applying for a new license. Working with The Liquor License Guy can match you with the right buyer.

Selling a liquor license can be an overwhelming process, but hiring The Liquor License Guy will give you the edge to make a better deal and help make the process streamlined and simple.