Business Liquor License For Hair Salons & Beauty Shops In Florida

A growing number of salons are looking into getting a business liquor license for good reason. Beauty salons are where a lot of women find relaxation.

Here, they can have their hair done, get a mani-pedi with girlfriends as they exchange stories, and even get treated to massages after an exhausting day at work. That whole experience can be made better by some refreshing spritzers and other spiked drinks, as well as some sweet treats.

A lot of beauty salons these days are taking their services to a higher level of hospitality by having a mini-bar and offering every client drinks and finger food. This special additional service is a strong marketing tactic that is working incredibly well in attracting more and new clients. However, offering this brand of hospitality requires compliance with local and state regulations.

If you’re considering adding alcoholic beverages to your beauty salon’s service menu, free yourself from legal issues right away — work with your city and get the support you need in order to boost your business performance. Or better yet, seek the guidance of liquor license hair salon consultants who’ll be able to provide you all the information you need to get a small business liquor license or the most suitable license for your business category.

Liquor licenses in Florida come in different types, so if you’re uncertain about the type of license to get for merely serving liquor or cocktails, or about whether you need any at all, liquor consultants will be the quickest to offer you enlightenment regarding this issue.

Now, if you intend to sell liquor and other alcoholic drinks to your customers (which will increase your business’s income faster), apart from getting a liquor license, you also will be required to engage in a consultation with your insurance company about alcohol liability.

Aside from that, you will have to develop an alcohol training program for all of your employees. Alcohol can alter behavior and you need to make sure that your establishment is ready to control that the right way.

Lastly, you will also need to establish an efficient system that can track the distribution of such products during your operations. You have to cover all these for full legal compliance.

It can be a lot of work getting licensed to serve liquor at your beauty salon, and it will cost you some as well. However, you can expect to recoup your investment easily enough. You can expect your clients to have a better experience coming to your establishment, and this may just encourage them to come more frequently and to bring more people along.


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