Florida Liquor License Types & Price Rates

The first step to getting a liquor license in Florida is to understand the different Florida liquor license types and what they cover and offer. There are several types of liquor licenses and the one you need to apply for depends on the kind of business you have, the products you want to sell, and the manner of selling them.

Types of Florida Liquor Licenses for Dining and Drinking Establishments

For business owners or organizations that will be opening a new restaurant, bar, or club, here are the different types of permits you will need and the typical liquor license (Florida) price:


This type of license allows your establishment to sell beer within your business premises. Patrons can buy beer in a glass or mug (by the drink) or in sealed containers which they can drink in and outside your premises. The annual fee for this liquor license ranges from $56 to $280 depending on your county’s population.


A 2COP alcohol license allows you to sell beer and wine by the drink or in sealed containers. Customers can consume them within or outside your establishment. The fee for a 2COP license every year ranges from $168 to $392, and again, the price depends on your location and population.

1COP – Dry

If your establishment is located in Liberty, Lafayette, or Washington County and you wish to sell only beer with 6.243% alcohol content by volume or 5% by weight or less, you can apply for a 1COP – Dry license. You can sell the beverage by the drink or in sealed containers and they can be consumed within and outside your premises. Fees range from $56 to $280 as well and they can be lower or higher based on the population in your county.

2COP – Dry

This type of license is also applicable to dining and drinking establishments in Liberty, Lafayette, and Washington County. It covers both beer and wine with 6.243% alcohol content by volume or 5% by weight or less. You can sell the product by the drink or in their containers. The fees are similar to the 2COP license and depend on your county’s population.

Quota (8COP / 7COP / 6COP / 5COP / 4COP)

If you want to sell liquor in addition to beer and wine, you will have to apply for this type of license. You can sell beverages by the drink or in their containers and these can be consumed on and off the premises. Prices for this liquor license are quite steep since they start at $624 and the most expensive fee is pegged at $1,820; the rate still depends on the population of your county.

There are some terms and restrictions that come with this license such as the sale of the alcoholic beverages being sold during regular and reasonable business hours for a specified period of time per day and year.

To avoid certain issues and hassles that come with a liquor license application, consider seeking help from professional consultants who can help you with the whole process.

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